The Authors

John J Asher -- Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Short Stories
John grew up on a dry-land farm in West Texas. Attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Taught at the Famous Artists Schools in Westport, CT. Was a staff illustrator at Weekly Reader until he quit to freelance in 1984. John was having some luck with his painting (fine art) back in the late 70s (numerous awards, etc.), until his house burned with all his work. He designed and built a two-story 2300 sq. ft. house on the old foundation, and did all the work himself (fools rush in). He returned to the homeland in Austin, Texas, in 1994. He’s done some acting, both movies and commercials, but mostly he spends his time tinkering with words.
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JT Conroe -- Thrillers
JT is a professional architect and former Air Force officer living and working in Austin, Texas. He was born in Montana and has lived in various other states and countries. He has had a life-long interest in literature, history, the arts, politics, and science. As an author, JT tends toward the action/suspense genre with strong characterization and a historical context.
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Tosh McIntosh -- Thrillers, Sci fi (future fiction)
Tosh is an aviator with five decades' experience in the cockpits of military fighters, commercial airliners, corporate jets, and sport aircraft. His passion for the world of flight and fascination with creating good stories well told merge in two series: Pilot Error, the adventures of a crash investigator solving cases of airborne murder (whose second novel Red Line will be published in Fall, 2012), and Oasis, the tale of a pilot's life from dream to denouement (currently in work). Tosh's non-fiction includes Book One of Wings On My Words, tales from the writer's desk, and Book One of Words On My Wings, tales from the cockpit
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Deanna Roy -- Literary Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Short Stories, Romance
Deanna is a Texas native who started out in journalism and veered straight toward fiction after several stints working as an editor. Readers will recognize the themes of loss in most all her books, be it their babies (Baby Dust), their loves (Single Edged Blades) or their freedom (Stella & Dane.) Her books for 9-12 year olds are written under the name D.D. Roy.
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Cynthia J. Stone -- Women’s Fiction/Family Saga
Cynthia Stone believes she and Sting were twins separated at birth, because they share the same birthday and original last name. Since she’s a native Austinite, some complications in proving their kinship are sure to arise. All of which provides creative fodder for the family sagas she loves to write. Cynthia wrote her first story at age six and has continued to indulge that Muse ever since. Her checkered career includes magazine publishing, copywriting, professional fundraising for the fine arts, antiques importing, and interior decorating. She still lives in Austin with her ever-patient husband, Gerald, a restaurateur. Cynthia has completed the obstacle course in indie publishing with her debut novel Mason’s Daughter, the first in a planned series. Look for the next novel, Mason's Keeper, in 2013.
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Brad Whittington -- Literary Fiction, Humor, Non-fiction, Christian
Brad was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on James Taylor's eighth birthday and Jack Kerouac's thirty-fourth birthday and is old enough to know better. He lives in Austin, Texas with The Woman. Previously he has been known to inhabit Hawaii, Ohio, South Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado, annoying people as a janitor, math teacher, field hand, computer programmer, brickyard worker, resident Gentile in a conservative synagogue, IT director, weed-cutter, and in a number of influential positions in other less notable professions. He is greatly loved and admired by all right-thinking citizens and enjoys a complete absence of cats and dogs at home.
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Lara Reznik -- Literary Fiction, Women’s Upscale Fiction, Screenplays. 
Lara Reznik, a native New Yorker, attended college at the University of New Mexico where she studied under esteemed authors Rudolfo Anaya and Tony Hillerman. Ambidextrous from birth, Lara preferred her right-brained creative side, but discovered she could make a better living with her left-brain skills and entered the I.T. field in 1995. Lara launched her debut novel, The Girl From Long Guyland, on Amazon November 16, 2012. The novel consistently ranked #1 in Suspense, #1 in Contemporary Fiction, and #4 overall in "Free Books" during its Amazon Kindle Select Promotional Days from 11/16-11/20. In addition to her novels, Lara has written and optioned three screenplays: The M&M Boys, Dance of Deception, and Bagels & Salsa.